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Randsanity®. I am not sure when the Randsanity started, it may have been early on growing up in New Jersey hanging at the Jersey Shore, The original Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights or hitting NYC at 16 taking the train to Concerts at Madison Square Garden, and hitting the Irish pubs when stuck in the city or going to the Hayden Planetarium with my friends and doing God knows what. Well God, myself and a few friends may still remember. Maybe it's from when I was an ambulance driver or just the Easy coast water.


It, the Randsanity, may have always been there, like a genetic marker waiting for some catalyst. Regardless of how it has come to be, it is. It was not a direct or easy path, and it has not been done by any single means. It is liquid and in flux.


The Randsanity continued to grow…as an intern at The Ohio State University the Randsanity found a Radio Station that let me in the door. That was the first mistake. I was already set to take over the world of Columbus Ohio, this break, this entry point allowed me to spread the word of Randsanity. So now years forward from that wide-eyed kid that tended bar and made a small but memorable dent in the social scene on OSU’s campus to me now. CD102.5 Radio Station Owner, Reality TV star (in progress).



So WTF is all this crap about? Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason. Only Randsanity. And if you still don’t get what Randsanity is, I would say you just need to experience it.  Join the charge and yes, you too can come part of the Randsanity.


How do you partake in Randsanity?

Subscribe to ALT and catch the best of the radio station Big Rooms and the best moments of all the other crazy shit that happens at the station.


Do a Randsanity shot!!

Equal parts Jameson and Patron XO

Or order one (or 3 or 5) at your favorite drinking establishment. Drinking May be involved!


Stay tuned here for my weekly blog, where you’ll get a glimpse into both the rockstar lifestyle that is the nature of this business and the crazy breakdowns, blowups, and BS, that is also the nature of this business.  

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