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1036 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43206


Located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio Podcast Network serves as a union of local podcasters. We recognize that podcasts are drawing a wide range of new listeners that traditional media sources are unable to attract. By combining our creative talents and resources we provide a launching pad for podcasters to grow their podcasts more readily. Our broad listener base covers much of the central Ohio area making our group a powerful voice among the areas media outlets.


Podcasts aren’t always hard to start, but they are extremely difficult to attract an audience to and even more to attract sponsors. Most podcasters have enough trouble finding studio space, scheduling guests, and editing their work, much less creating a sustainable income from their work. We solve these problems, by providing a one stop studio space, on-site audio professionals, and access to advertisers through CD 92.9’s long-standing and reputable position in the local community.


OPN is located in the studios of CD 92.9 FM and is a partnership between CD 92.9 owner, Randy Malloy, and founding podcasters Tim Trad and Joel Beebe. Formed in September of 2019, our goal is to promote local creatives and provide a consolidated advertising resource to businesses looking to invest in the podcast arena.


Finding high-quality, high-ROI advertising outlets with trusted access to a localized audience can be challenging. And even though podcasting is becoming a billion dollar industry, finding a reliable podcast through which advertisers can hit their target market isn’t a sure thing. By creating the OPN, we’ve created an ongoing reliable way to advertise with one organization, but have your message sent through to multiple different voices.

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